Life without a Wi-Fi connection – Exploring the challenges

Life without a Wi-Fi connection – Exploring the challenges

The internet strongly influences everyday life, and nobody can underestimate its significance. What if there is no Wi-Fi? Who will be affected, and are you one of them? Read here to know more!

Adjusting to life without Wi-Fi
No one can think of a day without Wi-Fi, as it’s one of the most essential factors of daily life. Without an internet connection, your day will feel incomplete without texting your family and friends in the earth’s far corners.
However, we can think of other leisurely activities without the influence of the internet, which are calming for the mind and body. Industries like edtech and many other fields depend wholly on the internet for their livelihood.

Wi-Fi dependency and the pandemic
No one would have imagined life would turn upside down during the pandemic. The internet was everyone’s respite during this challenging period, apart from other offline activities that people were involved in at their homes.

Positive effects of the internet in the pandemic

Remote learning

When everything came to standing still, academics had to continue. For this, students and teachers were trying to figure out how to utilise the Google Meet and Zoom apps fully!

Staying connected

When social distancing was the norm, staying connected to the dear ones was essential. If it was not for social media, nothing else could have been the medium for communication during the covid-19 times! What fun with stickers, interesting video call features, and many more with Instagram and other apps!

Negative influences during the lockdown

Extended screen time

Screen time was an influential and disturbing in children’s lives even before the pandemic. While screen time was more ever since they were introduced to smartphones, they spent 97 minutes on social media and YouTube on average daily. This increased poor vision, sleeplessness, anxiety, and device addiction.

Avoiding socialising

The more children and teens are involved in browsing and playing online games, they find it challenging to engage in social activities, including family conversations and other get-togethers. Since devices are a poor substitute for personal interactions, it’s in the parents’ hands to restrict screen time.

Wi-Fi and the future of remote work

The pandemic showed us that remote work is here to stay. Everyone realised that the number of internet connections had gone up during and after the pandemic. Even if there were mobile data, more is needed to sustain the day. Hence, there was a surge in securing the Wi-Fi connection globally.
Since remote work is convenient, professionals, especially women, opted for it to manage between home and work. For this reason, fiber internet connections were becoming popular since these are faster than the other types of connections. Since it’s been a while since the remote work hype began, the internet connection rates have reduced in India.
Since it’s clear that internet connection has become an inseparable part of our lives, to enjoy unlimited and buffer-free internet, visit Excitel’s website or a nearby centre to know more about our plans!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. What are the benefits of living without constant Wi-Fi connectivity?
    You can increase productivity during the weekends without the influence of social media and gaming apps. You can also focus on the positive without letting Instagram and Twitter too much.
  2. What are the challenges of living without Wi-Fi?
    Everything runs on the internet these days, and the world can’t work without Wi-Fi, even for ten minutes.
  3. How can I subscribe to Excitel’s Wi-Fi plan?
    You can visit a nearby Excitel store or learn about the plans in your city through our website!