Lucknow’s Wi-Fi Revolution: A look at the city’s digital growth

Lucknow’s Wi-Fi Revolution: A look at the city’s digital growth

Choosing the best broadband provider from so many options can be challenging for some. That’s why Lucknow’s top broadband connection service provider Excitel provides the most affordable internet plans and validity to meet different requirements. A broadband connection might serve multiple purposes: gaming, casual browsing, and streaming. It helps to know your needs so that you can choose an internet service to meet all your requirements.

Several internet providers offer smart deals according to their customer’s needs. If you figure out what you will be using the broadband at home for, you can zero in on the top plans that will help you with adequate bandwidth and speed.

Why Excitel should you choose over other ISP for uninterrupted services in Lucknow?

Internet access and connectivity are essential for every organisation to ensure unhindered work management. Companies utilise the internet for almost all types of communication, such as email, VOIP, processing credit cards, shopping, payments, and many more.

In addition, increasing video streaming services and other social media channels have made ISP services essential. Thus, the coming section highlights important factors assisting you in choosing the best Excitel plan in Lucknow

  1. Availability
    The availability of high-speed fiber or cable connection at your location is a deciding factor in choosing an internet service provider. Besides, the coverage tends to vary from provider to provider; however, Excitel is everywhere, giving you uninterrupted services.
  2. Speed and bandwidth
    Speed and bandwidth ensure you can enjoy your favourite entertainment or work seamlessly. Bandwidth is the volume of data utilised per unit of time, and it essentially depends on the volume the medium of transmission can sustain. Therefore, it is vital to check the speed and bandwidth provided by Excitel to ensure the smooth running of your Wi-Fi.
  3. Pricing
    Excitel strikes a good balance between pricing and speed. For instance, the ideal cost for small businesses operating from homes can range around Rs. 530 per 9 months. On the other hand, for larger enterprises, speed, and reliability are more vital than pricing, so they can opt for a plan for Rs 833 plan for 3 months.
  4. Reliability
    Unstable internet can reduce work productivity. If you expect uninterrupted service, it is wise to consider Excitel, which offers SLA, also known as Service Level Agreement. These are service contracts that highlight how reliable the connection is. A good ISP keeps everything transparent for its customers. That includes:

    • How fast will they provide backup during hardware fails or damage in a line?
    • How many days are taken to ship the new hardware
  5. Customer Support
    Your engagement with Excitel is not limited to the installation alone. There might be many questions related to billing, customer experience, technical support, product add-ons and upgrades. Excitel has a good customer support team to ensure you get good quality support for your internet services.
  6. Security
    Security of data is most important while choosing Excitel for your home. Most files can be accessed through the internet, and we have the best security level to ensure all your data is safe and doesn’t get hacked.
  7. Equipment quality and flexibility
    Excitel is well versed with access points, alias modems, and routers. We also know which model gives high-quality standards and has an in-built firewall. We conduct a physical survey of the site to understand which access point will support your required functionality.
    In this technology-driven era, an internet connection plays a crucial role. However, other aspects like speed, reliability, cost and security are also integral for Wi-Fi. Excitel also offers any of the above extras that align with your needs. That will make it easier for you to choose Excitel over other Internet Service Providers in Lucknow.


Which Excitel plan is more prevalent in Lucknow?
The most popular Excitel plan in Lucknow is the 300 Mbps one, which only offers 9 months of Wi-Fi for Rs. 530.

Which Wi-Fi is best in Lucknow?
The best internet connection is the one that offers the highest speed at affordable rates, and Excitel is the one that your family needs. Visit our website to learn more about our fiber connectivity offers.

Which Wi-Fi is faster in Lucknow?
Excitel delivers super-fast internet connectivity at peak hours in Lucknow and is available at reasonable prices.