Maintaining good health from home is the new cool!

Maintaining good health from home is the new cool!

The coronavirus pandemic saw a multitudinous wave of digital solutions as we adapted to a new way of providing and receiving services. With that, came the advent of the e-fitness market- the vantage point of virtual workouts! March 2020 saw the rise of a budding ecosystem consisting of fitness enthusiasts, high-tech fitness service providers, and government initiatives. An evolving market and consumption saw traditional practices of yoga and meditation, being complimented by a contemporary, dynamic, and expanding fitness sector in India. Just as fitness brands strive to revolutionize and acclimate to changing consumer behavior, technology-centered solutions saw a rampant rise.

From Generation X and Y to Generation Z and Alpha, many people tried to dabble in digital, connected, and social forms of different fitness regimes. Social media became an important avenue that helped in amping up its popularity across the country. People from all demographics sign-up for their journey of improving their lifestyles, owing to this many people, today, are sharing their fitness adventures by advocating body positivity and showcasing exercise as a form of therapy and motivating others to join their fitness expedition!

The ease of e-fitness has increased the number of participants, driving the positive inclination of virtual workouts and workshops. Today, numerous online apps like BoxFit and Cult Fitness provide live training with the similar kind of attention paid towards ensuring correct form and proper breathing as seen in local gyms. Additionally, AI is also playing an integral role in monitoring and training the users to make it a more personalised and customised experience. What makes these digital solutions of live-streaming and virtual workouts a huge success, is the factor of accessibility, where geographical distance and timing are not an issue. Anyone may participate from anywhere, at any time!

As the physical fitness market went online, the mental health and well-being sector too, became virtually available to a vast and varied audience. The existence of online emotional wellness programmes has helped a lot of people who have been hesitant to seek help. These solutions aim at management of stress and solutions pertaining to healthy relationship-building solutions and nudging towards the art of living a happier life. People can also participate in one-on-one online therapy sessions, which are offered at a subsidized charge, seven days a week, with mental health specialists on a wide variety of issues. The sessions are available in several e-formats, including online chats, video/voice consultations, and virtual courses.

The advent of the e-fitness market has facilitated brands to win over online audiences and build brand awareness with a wider recall value. As interest in fitness, both mental and physical, steadily gains prominence, members are on the lookout for ways to exercise that fit in with their new way of living. With the constantly evolving technology, the fitness sector continues to stay updated and deliver a more tailored approach to exercise and wellness. The popularity of online fitness programmes has shown us that being healthy does not require traveling. Your preferred workout routine can be customized with a single click and a lightning fast broadband internet connection like that offered by Excitel!