More binging, less buffering with Excitel

More binging, less buffering with Excitel

We all must have encountered buffering while streaming online content occasionally. You can ignore it at times. But what if it happens often, and you don’t know how to control buffering? Read here to know how to stop it from happening next time.

How to say goodbye to buffering and unlock the secrets to uninterrupted binge-watching pleasure?

Delete your browser cache and temporary files

If you are using your laptop for online streaming, go to your browser’s settings and delete all the cache and other files, which may slow down your internet.

Reduce the video quality
One of the best ways to reduce buffering is by lowering the quality of the video. Most streaming platforms do this automatically, while a few don’t. You can watch on a lower quality, which may still look better on the laptop. Once your speed is high, you can increase the streaming quality.

Download the content instead of streaming
When you know that your video will buffer, you can download it at the highest quality, minimizing your frustration and saving time.

Turn off the VPN
If you turn off the VPN before streaming the video, there won’t be any buffering since VPN can slow down your internet connection.

What if the video buffers on your phone?

Your phone needs a software update
If your video or streaming app keeps shutting off often and the video stops while playing, it’s a sign that your phone needs a software update. Since your streaming app can be up to date, check if your smartphone has the latest software and stream movies.

Reset your phone
Since cloud storage became popular, we never considered transferring our old files to a laptop and resetting phone settings. But to give your phone a rest, you should do a factory reset.

You might have run out of your data
You are hooked to a series and wouldn’t have noticed that your internet plan is over. You may have come across this situation at least once. This is why you need to get broadband at home, which offers unlimited high-speed internet.

What else can you do for buffer-free and smooth streaming?

Keep your devices and firmware updated
It’s always important to keep your firmware, router, modem and all your devices updated. This reduces the buffering by up to 60%, as this can reduce the bugs and has improved security.

Use the ethernet and position your router properly
If you are streaming on a laptop, use the ethernet connection since the wired connection can consistently provide high speed. Also, place the router in a central position where no other electronic devices are nearby so that they won’t affect the Wi-Fi signal.

Why should you opt for Excitel?

Excitel offers unlimited high-speed internet at modest rates without any data restrictions. Head to our website and contact one of our customer support executives to get the latest offers for your home!


  1. What causes buffering issues while streaming?
    There are two common reasons for buffering – your internet connection is too slow to stream a video, and the speed at which your router transfers data to your device is too slow.
  2. Are there any specific streaming devices that can help minimise buffering?
    There aren’t any devices to minimise buffering, but you can turn off the Wi-Fi and reconnect or see if your apps and firmware are updated to prevent video buffering.