Overcoming the buffer: Tips for Optimizing your Broadband Connection for OTT streaming

Overcoming the buffer: Tips for Optimizing your Broadband Connection for OTT streaming

While everyone enjoys online streaming of movies and series, buffering can be irritating. What can you do to prevent your streaming from stopping buffering? Read the blog here to learn more.

How to know if your Wi-Fi causes buffering?

You can quickly figure out your Wi-Fi causes buffering when you connect two or more devices simultaneously and try streaming on all those connected via Wi-Fi. You can move your router and modem to the same room to stop this, which might strengthen your Wi-Fi signal.

Switch your router to 5 GHz
Typically, your broadband connection will be set to 2.4 GHz, which travels to a distance but will be slower, which can make your videos buffer. Keep your streaming devices closer to your Wi-Fi to stabilize the connection.

Disconnect from other devices
At times, your smart TVs and smartwatches might connect to your Wi-Fi and exploit the bandwidth, which can disturb your streaming, especially if the speed is below 25Mbps.

Ensure background apps are not running
Every app might multitask. The apps running in your background might automatically use signal, and your streaming can be affected. Hence, make sure you don’t have any apps that might ruin your signal.

Reboot your devices
Many might laugh when someone says your data works better if you turn on airplane mode for a while. But it works; similarly, rebooting your router, modem, and TV might pave the way for a better signal.

Reduce the video quality
The video quality often could be better when your broadband is slower. Sometimes, your streaming platform will automatically reduce its quality, reducing buffering.

Download instead of streaming
It can buffer if your video quality is not good, even if your broadband speed is excellent. To prevent this, you can download at the highest quality and watch it offline instead of streaming

Delete your browser cache and temporary files
How you delete the cache to make your phone faster, you can do the same on your browser too. Deleting these might speed up your computer as well as the streaming speed.

Turn off your VPN
Even if VPN helps you during several instances, it usually messes with your Wi-Fi signal. So, whenever you don’t need VPN, turn it off and then you can browse.

Stream during non-peak hours
If you plan to watch series or movies online, schedule it after 11 in the evening, as 7 to 11 is the peak period. After 11, internet speed will be high in many areas.

Upgrade your router
Your router software needs to be updated every once in a while. Even when many software updates are automatic, you must occasionally do it on a browser. After this, you will see that your signal is uninterrupted.

Connect your streaming devices through Ethernet
Other than connecting Wi-Fi on your devices, using your Ethernet connection for streaming can give high-speed internet and save bandwidth.

Keep your devices updated
You must not miss any app and Android updates, as the older version might not support the new streaming app facilities.
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How do I reduce the buffer when streaming?
Pause a little so that your stream takes some time to load the content. Switch to a wired connection when you are streaming.
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