Revolutionising your online experience on the Internet

Revolutionising your online experience on the Internet

Our existence has been completely turned upside down by the Internet. It has completely transformed communication to the point where it is our go-to daily communication method. We use the Internet for virtually everything. Purchasing a television, placing a pizza order, spending time with a friend, or sending a picture via instant chat. Before the Internet, if you wanted to stay updated on the news, you had to visit the newsstand as soon as it opened in the morning and purchase a local edition covering the previous day’s events. Yet today, it only takes a few clicks to read your local newspaper and any other up-to-the-minute news source from anywhere in the world.

We look at some basic ways the Internet has changed our daily lives:

  • Communications
    The Internet has removed all communication barriers, creating an open world with easy, instant and endless communication practices and possibilities. We do not need a PC to communicate online, thanks to our mobile phones. Art, knowledge and cultural processes quickly make their way worldwide; some call it cultural globalisation. Communications via social media have created a phenomenal transformation in how we perceive our lives and personal relationships. Having a networked device in hand means the possibility of interaction is open no matter the distance.
  • Education
    Easy internet access means easy access to knowledge and information. With the onset of networked classrooms, education is now more focused on stimulation and creative imagination than rote learning. The widening reach of education through the Internet has helped uplift those in underprivileged countries through education.
  • Remote working
    The Internet has significantly changed our daily lives by introducing remote working. A few decades back, remote working was not even conceivable. Though work-from-home (WFH) has increased for the past few years, the COVID pandemic has put it in the fast lane. And it’s here to stay. The number of apps and tools available for remote working keeps increasing daily. Office 365 is one comprehensive solution with everything for your business supporting remote working. Remote working is popular, but people new to it can find it overwhelming.
  • E-Commerce
    One of the significant developments that the Internet has fuelled is eCommerce. While brick n mortar shops will not go away completely, eCommerce helps set up shop at much lesser costs. Whether you are a large business or a niche business, or a start-up, eCommerce has a solution for everyone. Have a great business idea? A professional web developer can put it into action for you. And as the online shopping space gets more competitive, businesses focus on providing quality products and solutions to customers. It means a vast array of choices at attractive prices at their fingertips from the safety of homes for the consumer.
  • Privacy and Security
    Privacy and the Internet are often hot topics as companies are seen sneaking data from users for profit. The noise surrounding this issue highlights how much of our data is up in the air and how little the average user is aware of its potential exploitation. Cybercrimes are now increasing in sophistication and numbers, and read our blog to understand why cybersecurity needs more attention than it is currently.

    These were some of the essential things that the Internet has transformed. Apart from these things, there are many other sectors in which the Internet has played a considerable role and completely changed them. Some include healthcare, sports, jobs & employment, games, etc. More and more sectors are coming under the preview of the Internet with the help of Excitel, and it is just a matter of time before everything in our lives will be influenced by the Internet.

    Frequently asked questions

    How has the Internet Revolutionised our lives?
    How we communicate with our loved ones, friends, and romantic partners has altered because to the internet. We can now conduct some of our relationships using our laptops, smartphones, and tablets since everyone is connected to everyone else in a clearer, more immediate, and more accessible way.
    What is the impact of the Internet on today’s life?
    With the advent of the Internet, people are connected more, eventually forming communities through online-based platforms. It substantially impacts business, education, politics, religious discussions, governance, health, and whatnot, making the Internet a crucial component of societal progress.
    What was the impact of the revolution of the Internet?
    The positive impacts of the revolution of digital technology include the fact that it has enhanced interconnectedness among people. The interconnectedness has reduced costs and time as far as sending and receiving information is concerned.