Revolutionizing Internet Usage: The Impact of Fiber Optic Technology on Online Experience

Revolutionizing Internet Usage: The Impact of Fiber Optic Technology on Online Experience

Fiber internet connections are increasingly popular across India since it’s easy to download large files and make high-quality video calls without lag. If you want to switch to fiber internet sooner, read to know why Excitel can serve your purposes at home and in business.

How does fiber optics impact the internet?

Increased speed
Light has the fastest transmission speed, and fiber cable technology uses light to transmit signals. As the data travels at the speed of light, there are no losses while transmission; hence, you get more speed.

Increased capacity
Signal losses are negligible in fiber optic cables; hence, the data transmitted is double that of traditional carriers. Though these glass optic cables are thinner and data transmission happens at the speed of light, they can carry more information.

Lower costs
Though many think that fiber broadband connections are expensive, in the long run, they are cheaper. This is because these connections require less energy for data transmission. The fiber cables are thin and easy to install. Hence, you can save a lot on the initial installation process since it takes less space to fix at home and the workplace.

Greater distance
Fiber cables have a vast frequency when compared to other data-carrying lines. Since the frequency is higher, it helps carry more data over longer distances, even underwater. The higher the frequency, the higher the bandwidth; hence, there is no data loss in the middle.

Enhanced security
Fiber optic cables have more than advanced encryption facilities that make hacking almost impossible. Installing power screening devices lets you quickly notice if your fiber internet is hacked. Since fiber cables can accommodate more users simultaneously, internal hacking can occur rapidly. To prevent it, you can permanently restrict many users and only grant access to trusted members.

Why should you rely on fiber broadband?

No throttling
You may often notice power cuts during summer. Similarly, during peak hours and power outages, your internet providers can reduce the bandwidth in copper and cable connections. But with fiber cables, the connection stays stable for extended periods. Hence, fiber connectivity is more reliable.

Better gameplay
Online gaming is fun when your friends are around. Heavy games like Valorant, League of Legends and Fortnite can demand more bandwidth. Excitel offers a different plan for gaming that is super-fast than the other two-monthly broadband options.

Higher speed
If you are a student and want to download more than 10 lecture videos daily, fiber connections can come in handy since it only takes 20 minutes to download more than 5 GB files! It can deliver speeds up to 1Gbps, which helps you take online tests more effectively than ever.

Why should you choose Excitel?

Excitel began its fiber journey to connect India through fiber internet at affordable rates. It’s become prominent over the pandemic due to its reasonable pricing and effortless onboarding process. Head to our website if you want fiber internet with zero data cap for your home and business.
Find out if we are in your city and speak to our customer associate to know more about the plans we provide! Did you also know our broadband plans can be customized? Bring the super-fast Excitel fiber connection to your home today without further delay.


How does fiber technology enhance the internet of things?
IoT is finding its way into lots of everyday internet usage. With the help of IoT, optical fibers can easily be integrated into more data. It also helps refine internet connectivity and easily upscale your 4K video to 8K via fiber connection and IoT.

Does fiber internet make a difference?
Fiber internet at home and business make a lot of difference, resulting in better picture quality, zero throttling, better gameplay and symmetric speed.

Why is fiber internet important?
Indian households and organisations require fiber internet, as it delivers speed that’s 1,000 times stronger and faster than the traditional copper and satellite connections. Weather conditions, power outages and any external influences can’t disrupt fiber optic broadband. Hence, it’s wise to opt for Excitel, offering the most affordable fiber internet plans.