Stuck at home all day? Here are five online courses under Rs. 2000 that’ll give you a guaranteed edge

Stuck at home all day? Here are five online courses under Rs. 2000 that’ll give you a guaranteed edge

The country is inching towards another total lockdown-like situation. People are again forced to stay indoors to aid in curbing the community spread of COVID-19. Streaming movies and tv series all day has become passe and to break this monotony and to learn different skills, here are 5 online courses under Rs.2000 that can cure everyday boredom with the help of a simple broadband connection 

Certification in Foreign Language:

Till your exotic summer holiday plans are on a pause, you can try and invest to learn a new language. This will not just add an extra advantage to your resume but will also help you prepare for a more local experience in International cities for a dream vacation that you have planned. 

Online platforms like Udemy is currently offering basic certification courses in different languages, interested individuals can pursue the same under Rs. 2000

Challenge the inner shutterbug in you: 

Visual content is the future. In today’s world, visual imagery is an integral concept of how we present the content. the golden hour of photography.  understanding a certification course in photography will help you enhance this skill and also gives you an opportunity to earn using this as your side hustle 

Upgrade your basic designing skills with Canva 

Canva, a free tool, has the potential to significantly elevate your presentations, instagram posts/stories and even resumes. It is a tool equipped with easy-to-use features that can help in creating a variety of engaging content for a variety of content types, ranging from social media and marketing related formats to documents, presentations, invitations and ads.  

A course in Canva can help better understand and breakdown all the aspects of the platform and can help in ensuring a gradual increase in the growth curve. 

Putting the perfection in Pizza 

You know what is better than store bought pizza, an authentic Neapolitan pizza made at home. When last year was entirely about banana bread, we have a hitch that this year will be all about homemade pizza that in future can lead to multiple pizza parties. An online course worth just Rs. 500, will teach you how to make an authentic Neapolitan pizza by an authentic Neapolitan pizza chef. The course will consist of pizza dough making skills and will help select best suited toppings that can be prepared at a home oven. 

Instagram Marketing 101: A Complete Guide To Instagram Growth

How many times have you shopped off a link from instagram? Often, isn’t it 

Instagram has become one of the most powerful social media tools. It has become powerful enough to become a one stop shop tool while also being a fine amalgamation of aesthetic pictures and reels. It has now become important for every business page to have an established instagram page that acts as a catalyst for the number of sales. 

Instagram has over 1 Billion users, and a course to better understand simple strategies to gain targeted followers can aid in making a powerful professional Instagram profile. Owing to the strategies suggested throughout the duration of the course, users will be able to increase their following and engagement rates, thus increasing the reach by multi-folds and establish a more impressive presence.