The Benefits of Fiber Optic Internet for Home and Business

The Benefits of Fiber Optic Internet for Home and Business

Fiber-optic internet connections are new to Indian households, though it’s been here for an extended period. Fiber broadband connectivity is gaining momentum, and if you want to install a new fiber connection in your home, read its benefits here.

Fiber internet is one of the best broadbands in the market, giving speeds from 5 Mbps to 100 Gbps. This speed range can significantly help your business when there is a speed shortage. It also increases overall productivity.

Cloud access
Almost all, including families and businesses, use cloud storage to reduce the slowing of computers or phones and to save time accessing essential documents on time. Around 96% of global organisations now have cloud access, a boon for customer service representatives, as communication channels won’t lag. If you are a local business and you have to deal with several customers simultaneously, you can try Excitel fiber internet plans.

Signal strength 
Copper and DSL internet connections weaken as you move farther from the main switch. With fiber connection, you don’t have to worry about the distance, as it’s faster even if the distance between the controller and the device is more.

Businesses may always need more bandwidth, as sudden escalations can consume more bandwidth. Web conferencing, SIP tracking, file sharing and cloud applications require more bandwidth. Also, reduced bandwidth results in increased latency, slow speeds and pixelated video quality. Like businesses, you won’t need higher bandwidth at home, but significant bandwidth increases can guarantee unlimited gaming and streaming entertainment.

Symmetric speed 
Symmetric speed means the equal upload and download speeds. You may wonder why you need symmetric speeds at home and in business. If your upload and download speeds are identical, uploading and downloading large files at home and office can seem effortless. You never know when your team or family needs higher speeds, so getting a new fiber internet connection for your home and office is the best option.

Latency is the delay that occurs while processing data over an internet connection. Even if you have a stable signal, latency can disrupt your connection. The benefits that follow with lowered latency are,

  • Ability to use more apps via cloud access
  • Better voice quality
  • Download and upload huge files without any struggles
  • Improved collaboration at the office

Hackers can’t easily penetrate fiber networks, as these are strong. Since many opt for work from home, securing your connection through fiber internet is the best way to keep threats at bay. You may feel fiber networks can be expensive to install and use. But, with Excitel, all fiber broadband plans are easily affordable and safe to use.

Resistance to interference
Copper cables are heavily influenced by electromagnetic interferences when other objects are nearby. Since fiber cables are made of glass and are more robust, they don’t react to electromagnetic fields or weather conditions. Rain or shine, fiber internet is always here to help you finish your task quickly.

Cost savings 
High scalability and productivity can be ensured when the internet connectivity is stable. If your team does the tasks on time, it could save a lot of money for your organization. Employees will also feel productive, as they can find time to improve. This could only lead to profits for the business and its workforce.

Support for HD videos 
Video conferencing is essential for almost all businesses, especially those in customer support, marketing and sales. For regular and stable communication, fiber internet is critical for organizations. If you want your weekends to be fun at home, you can stream content on online platforms with better broadband plans, just like what Excitel offers.

How can Excitel help you?

Excitel  is spread across India and offers three major fiber broadband plans for homes and businesses. You can always customize your organization’s broadband requirements with our customer support team. You can enjoy unlimited internet at home or the office at reasonable rates!


What is the main benefit of fiber to the home?
It’s faster and more reliable than copper and satellite connections. Fiber connections improve picture and voice quality for video and audio calls, online, and streaming.

Is fiber internet good for business?
Fiber internet is good for businesses, as it gives unlimited speed. Excitel’s fiber plans are the best in your city, as there is no data cap, and it is affordable.

What is a significant advantage of using a fiber-optic cable?
Fiber can handle more data than standard copper cables, and this is one of the biggest advantages of fiber-optic cables, apart from giving unlimited symmetric speeds.