The benefits of switching to Excitel – A comprehensive guide

The benefits of switching to Excitel – A comprehensive guide

Excitel’s fiber broadband is rapidly seen in many households across India, and this is because of the affordable Wi-Fi services we provide. If you search for the best broadband connection near me, you will find Excitel and here’s why you should switch to Excitel!

Wi-Fi routers and static IPs

Excitel offers many advanced features and add-ons to enhance your internet experience. For instance, we provide Wi-Fi routers and static IPs, which can help local businesses accurately identify locations. Unlike many ISPs, static IP addresses are quickly given to the customers, whether residential or commercial. Moreover, our competitive pricing ensures you get routers with no additional installation or maintenance charges.

In addition to static IPs and routers, we all want to provide affordable fiber internet connections. Our customisable plans are available for all, and we offer antivirus protection and parental controls for all our customers. With Excitel, you get a secure network and enjoy endless and affordable OTT subscriptions with apps like Colors, SonyLiv, Disney+Hotstar, Alt Balaji, Discovery+ and more seamlessly integrated into your internet package.

Experience the convenience of Excitel’s network with easy setup, reliable 5G Wi-Fi, and access to nearby Wi-Fi networks. Enjoy the best home Wi-Fi experience with Excitel, complete with customisable network names and passwords, ensuring seamless connectivity for your household.

Advanced features and add-ons by Excitel

OTT Benefits:

Why settle for an expensive broadband connection with additional charges and data caps when you get an unlimited internet connection from Excitel? Explore Excitel’s value-packed offerings, with several OTT subscriptions like Zee5, Sony Liv, Colors, DIsney+Hotstar and more, starting at just ₹554 for 12 months. Isn’t this exciting? Indulge in binge-worthy shows on Zee5 this summer with Excitel.

Customised Speed and Data Limits:

Excitel sets itself apart by offering customisable speed and data limit options with no data caps. This flexibility helps customers choose plans catering to their unique requirements rather than follow packages that might provide too much or no data while ensuring uninterrupted internet usage. Ready to join the satisfied ranks of Excitel customers? Here’s a table for your reference with our current packages for 12 months throughout India: (For more information, visit our website)

The Cable Cutter Package200 Mbps₹554/12 monthsWi-Fi + IPTV (Live TV channels)
300 Mbps₹604/12 monthsWi-Fi + OTT
400 Mbps₹734/12 monthsWi-Fi+OTT+IPTV
The Kickstarter Package200 Mbps₹424/12 monthsWi-Fi only
300 Mbps₹474/12 monthsWi-Fi only

Why Opt for Excitel?

With the promising future of fiber internet in India, Excitel expects a mass transfer to fiber connections. Why have a lagging internet when you enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted internet connections? Experience the perks of unlimited data with OTT benefits by joining Excitel today!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. What are the benefits of switching to Excitel?
    The many benefits include:

    • Affordable rates.
    • Quickly customisable plans.
    • No additional charges for installation and maintenance.
    • A 24/7 support team and no binding contract to stay as an Excitel customer.
  2. How do I switch to Excitel?
    Head to our website and enter your city. After that, choose a desired plan for your area along with your name, address and contact details. Our staff will contact you, and within two to four days, you will have a new Excitel connection at your home!
  3. Is Excitel available in my area?
    To find this out, visit our website to see if Excitel is available in your city. If yes, call one of the contact numbers on the site and then discuss the plan most suitable for you.
  4. Is Excitel’s service reliable?
    Excitel’s service is reliable since weather or power fluctuations don’t affect our internet flow! You can always stay connected to the fiber internet and enjoy your browsing experience!