The benefits of switching to Excitel – A comprehensive guide

The benefits of switching to Excitel – A comprehensive guide

Fiber broadband’s growing fast in India, and the purpose of this guide from Excitel is to give you all an outlook on our services. After reading, you can head to our website to become a valued customer of our growing network, quite literally!

Benefits of fiber optic cables
You should opt for fiber optic cables because:

  • Fiber cables are not affected by any weather conditions. Hence there will be fewer disruptions. Also, they are not susceptible to magnetic fields, so the connection will always be stable.
  • The bandwidth you get with fiber connections is higher than with standard cable internet.
  • It’s reliable and offers high speed, even during a power outage. This can be helpful, especially during the monsoon season.
  • Excitel’s high-speed internet service is the best for homes and small businesses because plenty of customisations are available. If you are in a metro city and think fiber internet is expensive in your area, look at our offers. What Excitel provides is one of the most basic plans for fiber connections.

    Advanced features and add-ons by Excitel

    Wi-Fi routers and static IPs
    Most local businesses need static IP addresses, which they should get from their internet service providers. Businesses need this to find the exact location. Excitel gives IP addresses to all its customers without delay for homes and businesses.

    Apart from the static IP, many ISPs don’t provide routers too. With the minimum amount, you can get the best router from Excitel for your home without installation or additional maintenance costs.

    Affordable pricing
    Though fiber connections are expensive in many Indian cities, Excitel’s the only broadband service offering affordable plans that are easily customisable.

    Antivirus protection and parental controls
    A good internet service provider offers affordable plans. Great broadband providers value customers’ privacy and give solutions according to their needs. For example, with Excitel, you also get a parental control feature that monitors web traffic whenever your children use the internet. You can often find virus threats on your system, when you are browsing without proper anti-virus software. We also provide the best software to help with safe browsing!

    OTT benefits
    What’s the use of an unlimited internet connection if you cannot enjoy it? Did you know that Excitel offers many OTT subscriptions like Zee 5, Sony Liv, Shemaroo, Hungama Music etc., at just ₹100? Interesting right? Enjoy your favourite and most recent tunes on Hungama and shows on Zee 5 this summer through Excitel.

    Customisation options for speed and data limits
    Most of the big players in the broadband sector do not offer any customisations for customers. Due to this, many might want more than the brand’s services. If you are a part of Excitel, you can change the plans based on how you need these. You not only get the plans and speed you need, but there’s also no one to restrict your data usage. Yes, there are no data caps for any Excitel fiber plan. Have you decided to join Excitel’s existing and satisfied customers yet?

    Should you choose Excitel?

    The future of fiber internet’s bright in India, and it’s predicted that more Indian families and professionals will switch to fiber connections. Shouldn’t you be ahead of everyone to bring home a new fiber connection? To enjoy unlimited data with streaming platform benefits, join the Excitel family today!


    1. What are the benefits of switching to Excitel?
      The many benefits include:

      • Affordable rates.
      • Quickly customisable plans.
      • No additional charges for installation and maintenance.
      • A 24/7 support team and no binding contract to stay as an Excitel customer.
    2. How do I switch to Excitel?
      Head to our website and enter your city. After that, choose a desired plan for your area along with your name, address and contact details. Our staff will contact you, and within two to four days, you will have a new Excitel connection at your home!
    3. Is Excitel available in my area?
      To find this out, visit our website to see if Excitel is available in your city. If yes, call one of the contact numbers on the site and then discuss the plan most suitable for you.
    4. Is Excitel’s service reliable?
      Excitel’s service is reliable since weather or power fluctuations don’t affect our internet flow! You can always stay connected to the fiber internet and enjoy your browsing experience!
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