The evolution of the Indian Premier League in the age of the internet

The evolution of the Indian Premier League in the age of the internet

Summer in India stands for two essential things – mangoes and the IPL, with a nationwide fan base. How did IPL begin, and what role did social media and technology have? Read it here!

Evolution of IPL

The Indian Premier League board was started in 2007, and the Kolkata Knight Riders won the first title. The teams are named after each capital city in India, and there are currently 10 functional teams. It takes place during the summer, between March and May. It’s registered under the Indian Cricket League and has been happening since 2008. Many factors have kept the IPL going, and here’s what garnered its success.

Role of social media in IPL

  • Creating a buzz with pre-tournament content
    Even if brands can’t afford to show the actual content regarding the IPL, the least they do is create quizzes about famous players and cricket. Certain brands will post behind-the-stage videos, offbeat interviews with coaches and players, brand collaboration news, practice clips, and many more on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  • Real-time engagement during matches
    Brands can conduct a poll, quiz, and pose ‘what do you think’- questions to the fans on social media. Brands ask their followers to create memes and host giveaways for the entire IPL season. Using user-generated content, like sharing pictures and videos from the stadium while the match is still on, can keep fans glued to the brands on social media and IPL.
  • Augmented reality
    Creating AR filters of various IPL teams or features like the orange cap is entertaining. It also keeps the fans engaged, guessing who might win it this season!

IPL and digital marketing

Brands like Cred and Dream 11, and many others, become instant hits as their digital marketing strategies align with the IPL season. IPL was also enjoyed by many due to these trends like internet penetration, an increase in user screen time and unique outreach opportunities.

Internet penetration: Since the pandemic, digital expenditure during IPL has increased by 20%, as a minimum of 200 million people are online and use OTT platforms. Since most of the viewership comes online, internet usage has increased.

Increase in user screen time – As mentioned before, people are inclined towards more online content. Hence, the average screen time of adults and youth has increased. Using this, brands create campaigns during the IPL that create a buzz for them and the cricket tournament.

Outreach opportunities: Digital and customised ads playing during online streaming have done well for the IPL, especially by Cred. These ads establish the link between respective brands and cricket, that hook the fans.

Role of technology in IPL

Technological advancements like tools evaluate a team’s strengths and weaknesses based on their fielding standards and players. Another is the Piero technology, which allows the expert teams to stitch the shots taken by various cameras like drones, buggy, slow-motion, and ultra-motion cameras. Apart from this, whenever a team needs some motivation, they can play a voice clip from the fans, record it at any time and play it during broadcasting for the players on the field. While these are a few tricks that technology helps the IPL shine, here are a few more:

Virtual assistants
For on-the-go interaction, booking tickets, match schedules and other updates, using chatbots or virtual assistants for IPL has been a game changer, which reduced the sale of tickets manually, which has been hard for fans and the IPL administration.

Data analytics
The captains can change their strategy and tactics based on a player’s swing speed, bat angle, and ball impact, recorded and analysed through tools.

The other helpful tools that IPL uses include Hawk-Eye, BuggyQam, LED stumps and bails, and spider cam. Most of these are developed by Indian startups for IPL.

Though technology and digital marketing are here to help IPL in future, it’s fans that keep its spirits alive and going. To enjoy unlimited internet and HD streaming of your favourite team’s match, be a part of Excitel’s fiber internet connections! Visit our website to learn more about our plans and offers.


  1. What is the Indian Premier League (IPL)?
    The Indian Premier League is a 20-over match with teams competing for the IPL cup each year, with players from India and other international teams. It happens in the knock-out format, which has semifinals and quarterfinals, where in the final match, only two teams compete against each other.
  2. How has the IPL evolved in the age of the internet?
    The IPL was first broadcast on cable, and later with the rise of online streaming platforms, many started viewing it online, and the viewership skyrocketed. With digital marketing and technological advancements, the IPL has a permanent place in the Indian cricket arena.
  3. How has the internet impacted the fan experience of the IPL?
    The internet is solely crucial in increasing the viewership of IPL. With brands making content about it on social media platforms, the internet’s the main reason that keeps IPL afloat.