The importance of cyber security while using the internet

The importance of cyber security while using the internet

Almost everyone uses the internet these days. Though it has many advantages, the internet has dark websites that steal personal information. Learn why you should invest in excellent cybersecurity software to protect your devices and network.

Why is cyber security essential?
There has always been a spotlight on cyber-attacks globally. However, it got intense, especially after the pandemic, since the world was hit with a resource crisis and the connections were too easy to hack due to work-from-home operations. Statistics show that more than two trillion can be saved if cyber-attacks are under control. For a safe browsing experience, read on to know what you can do.

Different forms of cyber security threats

  • Phishing attacks
    Phishing happens when a user receives messages and emails with links that lure the user to click on them. If you want to buy a new watch, your hackers can note it and send a link with the desired information. It would help if you learned that this is a trap to get access to your information.
  • DoS attacks
    DoS attacks happen when your bandwidth seems reduced, even with an excellent broadband plan. You can get several requests or alerts on your phone or computer stating your device is infected with a virus. Understand that this is a scam to steal your information.
  • Malware 
    Malware is any suspicious information or code that finds its way into your system, namely spyware, ransomware, worms and viruses. This can happen when you download from fake or fraudulent websites, though when the information seems valid.
  • Man-in-the-middle-attack
    Hackers can enter the communication channel anytime when your connection or security weakens. Hackers can sometimes alter your communication by placing themselves in the calls or chat systems.
  • Password attack
    Password attacks are not serious threats, as these work in hit-and-miss situations. If you have a poor password setup, the hacker uses various ways to hack into your system.
  • SQL injection
    When you enter unsafe websites, the hacker injects a code into your SQL server, which can take your information. When the code is successful, the hacker can access any personal information.

How can you prevent cyber-attacks?

  • Secure your Wi-Fi
    Securing your wireless network is one of the easiest ways to stop online attacks. Set a strong password that only you and your family can understand and use. Utilize WPA2 security as your primary method for creating passwords before you use Wi-Fi at home for the first time.
  • Wise use of Bluetooth and GPS
    It’s best to use Bluetooth and GPS services only when required. Keeping these on for extended periods can make your devices susceptible to various online attacks requesting access.
  • Select strong passwords
    Your password should be 8 to 12 characters long, including special symbols, upper- and lower-case letters and numbers. While setting your passwords, you should also know that all your passwords must be new and never be the same, which are repetitive and easy to crack. You should never use personal information as passwords, as hackers can quickly identify these.
  • Use antivirus software
    Most internet service providers offer effective antivirus software before you can avail their services. If you need antivirus software, you can install one independently, which is not expensive. Excitel never compromises security and quality; it takes measures to keep your connection secure.
  • Ignore suspicious texts and mails
    It can be frustrating to see unwanted emails in your spam or inbox often. Ensure you don’t click on links or any links from any websites or persons you are unaware of. These can lead to the extraction of information from your devices.
  • Use encryption and firewalls
    Encryption software and firewalls can always support small and large-scale businesses. While a firewall prevents you from going to fraud websites, encryption software uses a key only through which you or anyone else can access the information, making it difficult for hackers.


How can Excitel help you from being safe online?
Excitel offers excellent fiber internet plans for homes and businesses and special cyber security software for all its customers, which they can use as long as they use our services. To know more, visit our website to understand what offers to apply to your area and city. If you face cyber threats, you can immediately contact the Excitel customer helpline to resolve the issue and protect your data.

What is the importance of cybersecurity while using the internet?
Everyone is always susceptible to virus attacks and other threats while using online tools and websites. This can be prevented using antivirus software and firewalls, so hackers can’t access private information.

What are the benefits of using cybersecurity?
The benefits of cybersecurity include the following:

  • No one can have unauthorized access
  • Improved information security
  • Faster means of recovery during an information breach
  • Protection against potential financial scams and identity thefts