The rise of beauty influencers – How the internet is shaping the beauty industry?

The rise of beauty influencers – How the internet is shaping the beauty industry?

The pandemic increased the need for customisation and personalisation online, leading to several influencers’ growth from home. E industry that instantly became a hit with content creators was the beauty industry. To know how the internet has affected their growth, read this article.

How social media influences beauty influencers?

The audience listens to beauty influencers
Research shows that 84% of millennials buy beauty products that influencers promote online as they give honest reviews on various cosmetics and skincare products, several people lean towards Instagram to purchase products.

Social media marketing builds consumer trust
Our friends have always been the best influences to read a book or watch a movie, right? It’s the same for us to trust our favourite celebrities or anyone they might be to persuade us to buy whatever we prefer. Since online platforms create a base for customers and brand owners to interact, consumers feel trustworthy and buy cosmetics.

Consumers relate to social media influencers on a personal level
Aesthetics is the primary driving force on social media that urges consumers to buy materials. Additionally, since influencers post reviews after using the products, the audience can personally relate to their skin problems.

Social media influencers can increase sales in a demographic
Though social media influencers cater to a global audience, they target a specific set of people in a region or country several times. This has enormous potential to increase sales as brand and product awareness grows through consumer word-of-mouth recommendations.

The impact of the internet on the beauty industry

Product recommendations and reviews

There has always been stiff competition in the beauty industry, even before influences on the internet increased. But, after the advent of these media influencers, so many global and Indian brands have attracted customers due to honest product reviews and recommendations, not only by celebrities but everyday users too.

Consumer engagement
Consumer engagement is heavy on the internet because several beauty tutorials are available on YouTube for various beauty brands. Brands like Maybelline and Lakme offer virtual try-on experiences, allowing users to get the right skin tone and type of products.

Rise of clean beauty
We should also consider this feature, which has significantly impacted conscious buying. Buyers want to invest in vegan, cruelty-free brands with no harmful chemicals that damage the skin. Also, those who wish to learn self-makeup are interested in how to clean their makeup brushes, beauty sponges and many more, which raises global beauty standards.

The challenges and controversies
Since consumers are in direct contact with the influencers and the brands on social platforms, there can be issues if the products don’t yield the results they claim. In these cases, the brands or their PR teams must jump in to resolve and ensure the customers are satisfied.

The future of beauty influencers
There’s always time for everyone, and it seems like beauty influencers will be trending for many years. If people are really into cosmetics and how they appear for work and events, these influencers will stay in business.

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  1. How do you define a beauty influencer?
    A beauty influencer researches various beauty and skin-related issues and creates awareness about products through reels, guides and other modes on Instagram and TikTok.
  2. How have beauty influencers impacted the beauty industry?
    Because of the beauty influencers, consumers are aware of vegan beauty, hair and skincare brands, both Indian and global. Because of them, the marketing efforts of these brands have high ROI, leading to increased sales.
  3. How do beauty influencers monetise their content?
    Social media platforms like Instagram have now begun to pay content creators according to how many videos they create and how the audience reacts to these.