The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Fiber Internet Plan for Your Home and Business

The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Fiber Internet Plan for Your Home and Business

It’s easy to find a customized broadband plan for your home and business, even when there is demand. To put an end to what you need to consider before finding a plan, read this article and learn why you must choose Excitel.

What to consider while choosing fiber internet for business?

Provides the maximum speed
All the tasks at workplaces demand the internet. So, if you choose a new fiber broadband plan, see if you get the highest speed in your region from the internet service provider you select. You know that fiber internet is already the fastest internet connection these days. For business purposes, you need at least need speed up to 10GBPS. Hence, choose the best provider that offers 10GBPS speed or a maximum than this.

Stays consistent
Work demands quality and quickness, and your internet connectivity at your office has to be high-speed so that you can complete your tasks in time. While selecting broadband, most businesses expect internet connectivity to stay consistent, 24*7. There can be escalations anytime, and only when the broadband is stable can they meet deadlines without further delay.

Promises reliability
It is always best to choose only business broadband plans for your office, as these are more reliable. You can rely on its speed and consistency whenever necessary and get in touch with the customer support team for a quick response and solution.

Customizes to your needs
One single and standard connection for an area won’t work for business broadband plans, and the internet service provider must be considerate and meet your needs. So, you choose high-speed internet, which fits all your business requirements.

Caters to multiple users
Business broadband connections must simultaneously support at least more than 50 employees at the office. You should also note that everyone must get the same speed. Hence, choose a plan and operator according to your office strength.

It provides the highest bandwidth
Increased bandwidth always supports faster download and upload speeds. You can upload and download several folders and have a conference call simultaneously. For a seamless work experience, you can always rely on business broadband that offers the maximum bandwidth.

Uses the static IP address
Having a permanent and static IP address makes it secure for businesses. You can request that your operator provide this to avoid minor and major security threats.

Guarantees quality service
Businesses may need services like voice-over IP, good-quality video conferencing and surveillance. Broadband offers for a home may incur additional charges for these, while for business, you can get these along with the original plans.

Factors to consider while choosing fiber broadband for home

Determine your bandwidth requirements
You won’t need massive bandwidth for broadband for personal uses. After you analyse your need, you can enquire about the highest bandwidth the operator provides. Streaming content at 1080p would extract 5 Mbps, and 4K resolution videos need up to 25 Mbps. If you use any Bluetooth surveillance cameras, it might deplete your bandwidth. Hence, always know how much you need and choose the plan accordingly.

Consider the add-ons
Even the broadband plans for home come with additional features like free OTT subscriptions, anti-virus programs, network security solutions and many more. See if your provider gives all these.

Review the data cap
Business broadbands don’t have any data cap since they have separate connections. On the other hand, home broadband plans can restrict using the bandwidth. It happens as your provider has to offer a fair share of the internet throughout your area.

Ensure maximum speed
Home broadband plans have higher upload and download speeds due to increasing remote work roles. Request your internet service provider to maximise the speed, so you can download, share files and watch online videos without interruption.

Check the customer support and availability
Most providers promise higher speeds and excellent customer support. Later on, much to your disappointment, you will see less signal frequency in your region. You will be able to judge how good the operator and its support team are during the first interaction. So, play it safe while stating requirements.

Understand the contention ratio
When multiple users access the same line, the contention ratio will be high. Your provider might be upfront about the data cap and other limitations. But Excitel ensures you are equipped with all the necessary information before you are aboard as a new customer.
These are a few points to consider before choosing a broadband plan for your home and business. Even though fiber optic internet is widely available now, you still have to pay a hefty price. To enjoy enough bandwidth, more add-ons, an excellent customer service team and reasonable costs, you can go for Excitel. Do you want to choose us? Visit our website to learn more about the team at Excitel and how they can help you!