The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up and Maintaining A Stable Wi-fi Connection

The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up and Maintaining A Stable Wi-fi Connection

Everyone expects their wireless connections to offer high speeds, which their internet service operator promises constantly. But you need to understand that several features affect the Wi-Fi speed. You can maximize the benefits of a Wi-Fi connection for your home or business through the following steps. Read the article and save it for later!

Place your router high
You can’t place your router just anywhere, at home or the workplace. Routers are sensitive, and your Wi-Fi signal can be affected when metal objects near the router, such as electromagnetic waves, will influence the speed. Apart from metal, other materials like glass, wood and plastic can harm the signal strength. Since the signal spreads horizontally across the room, don’t keep the router on the floor. Instead, place it somewhere higher, where no other object is near it. This way, there’s a chance of getting uninterrupted Wi-Fi.

Keep your router updated
You can often see hackers finding their way into your computer or Wi-Fi. If you don’t update your router’s firmware often, the malware can spread throughout the machine and affect your Wi-Fi signal badly, as it can steal bandwidth. To update the router firmware, go to the router website, sign in, and it takes only a few minutes to keep your router doing its job well.

Buy stronger antennas
The antennas that come with your routers can sometimes be weak and small. If you don’t mind its size and getting a new one, invest in the enormous duck-shaped antennas that promise a stable internet connection.

Protect your Wi-Fi with a password
Everyone likes an open and public wireless connection with high-speed internet. If you don’t have a password for your Wi-Fi, others will get free access to it. Hence, set up a strong password that mixes upper and lower-case characters, numbers and special characters, which is not too complicated to remember.

Buy a Wi-Fi extender
Even with a high-speed internet plan and a great router, you can’t get enough speed in your bedroom or other rooms far away. A Wi-Fi extender or booster is a small device that’s easy to configure and doesn’t occupy too much space. If you can’t enjoy your Wi-Fi fully, get the Wi-Fi booster today.

Switch to another Wi-Fi channel
There will be several Wi-Fi channels through which you connect various devices daily. You can often find the channels can be crowded, and this can lead to unstable Wi-Fi. Try switching to another channel by signing in as admin on the browser. By default, the channel will be set to auto. You can choose your desired channel and save it, and after this, see how your signal is positively affected.

Control the bandwidth
Modern routers allow you to control the applications that require the maximum bandwidth so that you can prioritize according to your wish. If you want to play online games, you can set the bandwidth accordingly and make the most of it.

Use the latest Wi-Fi technologies
The router, modem, laptops and smartphones should support the latest Wi-Fi versions. Even if you can’t get Wi-Fi 6 or 6E, you should be able to connect to at least Wi-Fi 5. The version can make a lot of difference, and hence before choosing a plan, discuss with your internet operator to know which one they offer.
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What are the steps to set up Wi-Fi?
Go to your phone or computer’s network settings and click Wi-Fi. Select the wireless connection near you and click next, so you can enter the password and save it for future use.
How do I make my Wi-Fi speed more stable?
Place the router in a central location at home, upgrade to internet plans that offer the fastest speed and change the Wi-Fi frequency to make your wireless signal more stable.
What are the three basic things required to set up the Wi-Fi connection?
It would help if you had a modem from your internet service provider, a good router and a device, your laptop or smartphone, to configure, and set up a new Wi-Fi connection.