The Ultimate Guide to Streaming Movies and TV Shows Online

The Ultimate Guide to Streaming Movies and TV Shows Online

Online streaming platforms have all the golden movies and series to watch. All you want is an unlimited internet connection to enjoy these from wherever you are! Here’s what you can do to enjoy a buffer-less viewing experience.

How are OTT platforms transforming TV viewing?

OTT platforms have personalised content viewing, which is not the case with traditional TV viewing. Hence, many opt for OTT platforms for watching movies and series.

Enjoying seamless content streaming with reliable internet connections

Close other applications and programs

Streaming will obviously be an issue if you have ten apps running in the background. These apps still use your internet connection, hindering your signal. Hence, don’t have any apps in the background while streaming.

Pause the stream for a few moments

Pausing for a few moments in your video can help with buffering. This will help the video load for a few minutes, which might lessen the buffering.

Reduce video quality

You can’t always play high-quality videos since it draws too much data. Hence, lower to the second-best quality to enjoy bufferless streaming.

Speed up your internet connection

Your internet connection might be old, and it’s time to get a new connection. Before upgrading, do a speed test on Ookla to confirm your weak signal.

Remove other devices connected to your network

If there were fewer devices connected to the network, it might make the connection slower. You should find out if these devices’ auto-update is turned on. Hence, if you are streaming movies, ensure to connect only the device in which it’s played.

Try a wired Ethernet connection

Though it’s convenient to use Wi-Fi, nothing comes to the rescue like the hardwired internet connection. If there is buffering, use ethernet to stream. This doesn’t mean you can only use a wired connection for streaming. You can also use it while browsing and playing too.

Clean up your browser settings

You always can’t blame your internet connection when there is a weak signal. Sometimes, it’s your browser. Your browser will store cache, which might slow down your system. If the connection’s slow next time, clear the cache first and stream your content.

Reset and upgrade your Wi-Fi device

People tend to set up a Wi-Fi router but must remember to take care of it later. You need to know that a router needs regular maintenance to work better. Once in a while, reset your router and modem or replace these if they are too old.

Test your VPN or proxy

Using a virtual private network can slow down your internet connection but to an extent. Instead, you can update your PC settings before using the VPN. This will not allow your video to buffer, and ensure to use the latest VPNs, not the oldest ones.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. What is streaming, and how does it differ from traditional TV and movie watching?
    There are many online platforms where you can watch series and movies whenever you want. There’s no time restriction to watching.
  2. Can I stream movies and TV shows without a high-speed internet connection?
    You can stream movies and TV shows without a high-speed internet connection, but you may have to reduce the streaming quality so there is no buffering.
  3. What are some popular devices and platforms for streaming content on my TV?
    There are Disney+Hostar, Sony Liv, Hungama Play and Hungama Live and other platforms where you can watch series and movies.