Top 10 websites to download free PC games in 2023

Top 10 websites to download free PC games in 2023

Are any gaming aficionados in the house? With so many gaming websites to choose from, you would be overwhelmed with options. Your hunt for the best website to download free PC games or for a website that offers free PC games ends right here! We will go into great detail about the top websites to download free PC games in this blog post. This selection offers something for everyone, from sports and adventure games to strategy and puzzle games. Read on to know more!

Best sites to download PC games for free

Free PC games are still available, which is great for those who enjoy playing games online. You may have a ball playing these without spending a dollar, and they range from timeless point-and-click adventures from the 1990s to cutting-edge new independent games. Here’s a list of top websites for free PC game downloads!

  1. Steam

When looking for free PC games, many gamers turn to Steam, one of the first licenced gaming distribution platforms. It provides a large selection of games from indie developers, globally renowned studios, and other producers that are safe and dependable to use. You’re in for a complete feast with Steam, with everything from RPGs to casual games to sports, strategy, and adventure. For gamers at home, the combination of its speedy downloading speed and multiplayer support is advantageous.

  1. OVA Games

On the website Ova Games, you may download free PC games in their entirety, including HD versions, repacks, and the most recent releases. Each game includes a download and installation guide, and you may download the games via several Direct Download providers.

  1. Mega games

True gamers who are immersed in gaming regularly would enjoy Mega Games a lot. It provides a full freebie sector with enjoyable gameplay benefits in addition to offering trainers, patches, mods, and more for well-known games. Many independent and obscure games, such as shooter, horror, and puzzle games, can be found here. The website, which features an easy-to-use interface, invites users to upload their material.

  1. Softpedia

Softpedia is a free download site that offers Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android users links to download complete versions of games. One can find several intriguing free games to download, ranging from puzzle games to adventure games, RPGs to survival games. Even the paid games are reasonably priced, plus there is a section with free games. Another benefit is that you may download the games straight without having to install any additional software.

  1. Game Jolt

Game Jolt (GJ) is a free hosting service and one of the largest communities for commercial video games with social features. They support the expansion of independent game producers and players.

  1. Origin

Titles like FIFA, Mass Effect, and Madden, to mention a few, Origin is one of the biggest gaming firms in the world and is owned and controlled by Electronic Arts (EA). The free download links on this website are only active for a limited time, even though Origin has a big library of expensive games. New free games are routinely released by Origin, along with free trial versions for consumers. The auto-installed game patches and download speed improve players’ overall gaming experiences. Its features include deep profile management, built-in Twitch streaming, and social network and console account connection.

  1. io

Use to find, download, and share some of the best independent games. The majority of the free PC games available on this website are for Windows, but the rest are also compatible with Linux and macOS. Any game makers here are also able to construct a page where consumers can buy or download the game. A few games’ free versions also support 3D graphics. Download the zip files, convert the files, and then take advantage of the free online gaming! The website offers premium paid versions of several games in addition to the free ones.

  1. GOG

One of the finest locations to find ancient classic games like Rise of the Dragon, Jazz Jackrabbit, and other favourite is GOG, formerly known as Good Old Games. A substantial selection of games is available on the internet, some of which can be downloaded for free on PCs. Every year, they give away a few premium games for free in addition to hosting entertaining contests that span at least two days. Numerous well-known titles, including Frostpunk, Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, and others, are also available at reduced costs. One of its main advantages is that it lacks DRM, hence there are no anti-piracy safeguards. Additionally, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Check out their free games area and limited-time offers.

  1. My Plain City

My Play City should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a website with a tonne of casual games. It is one of the biggest distributors of free casual games online. The fact that the website offers full versions of expensive computer games is an added benefit. This website contains games for everyone, including racing, shooting, and puzzles. Additionally, you can download the games from the website without providing your email address or any other information. It should be mentioned that the majority of the free games on this website are only compatible with Windows.

  1. Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games offers links to free game downloads across a range of genres. You can find a tonne of excellent free games here, ranging from action games like Immortal Unchained and sports games like NBA 2K to role-playing games like Assassin’s Creed and Star Wars: Battlefront. The search feature makes it easier for you to find the greatest games to download for free, despite the architecture and usability of this site appearing a little too plain at first. Both single-player and multiplayer games are supported on this website, and the direct downloads are fairly quick. Games that are 60 GB in size are available for download.

Games can be a terrific way to spend time enjoying, whether you’re playing them alone or with friends, but it’s important to download the games with Excitel as it helps you to enjoy a great gaming experience with amazing speed and network connectivity. But always download from the appropriate sources to avoid fraud or other problems. For all of your free PC gaming needs, turn to the reliable websites listed above.