Unleashing the power of connectivity – Why your business needs managed Wi-Fi

Unleashing the power of connectivity – Why your business needs managed Wi-Fi

Everyone expects Wi-Fi to be fast constantly. It’s the same for companies, as their productivity depends on wireless connections. Why should businesses adopt managed Wi-Fi? Read here.

Benefits of managed Wi-Fi for businesses

Ease of business

Analysing tech requirements, designing and giving customised WLAN systems, and day-to-day management and operations can be taken of managed Wi-Fi systems. Without increased pressure and workload, the internal IT department can hugely benefit from attending the network downtime and other systems-related queries.

Dynamic scalability
Deploying additional WLAN nodes when there is a workload spike makes the managed Wi-Fi services highly scalable.

Highly secure
Having a private Wi-Fi network and allowing more than 50 people to use it widens the need for more security. But, managed Wi-Fi connections have structured and organised layers of protection that are more secure than what many firms have these days. With proper authentication, these systems can track the devices connected and wireless intrusion.

Complete visibility
Managed Wi-Fi systems provide weekly and monthly reports to the respective organisations, so they know what apps and tools their workforce is utilising and where to undercut, to promote productivity.

Enhanced user experience
Outsourcing Wi-Fi solutions offer seamless connectivity to workplaces, allowing employees and guests to utilise high-speed internet. Since the workplace dynamics have changed a lot, connecting instantly on tablets, laptops and mobiles through managed Wi-Fi seems more accessible and convenient. Since many can easily access the internet, managed Wi-Fi networks enhance user experience.

How managed Wi-Fi services enhance productivity?

An organisation’s workforce and guests get unlimited high-speed internet through managed Wi-Fi services and keep up with the technological trends to help the business upscale. Since these services provide support 24/7, there won’t be any productivity gap, as solutions will be delivered quickly in case of downtime or bandwidth issues.

What else can you expect from managed Wi-Fi?

Enhancing customer experience with managed Wi-Fi
Though mentioned before that customer experience can be enriched, let’s dive into the details here. Wi-Fi is an essential part of the customer experience. With good Wi-Fi, you can give your consumers a simple login portal for their accounts without wanting to enter their password and name manually every time. Before this, creating a splash page for a welcome can also go a long way in treating them and retaining them as your consumers for extended periods.

Securing business data with managed Wi-Fi
Data’s the most significant asset of your business. Data leaks are risky if you are new to business and cyber security. With a managed Wi-Fi team, you will get an expert team who will be there for installation and everyday operations. Security breaches will be fewer with this system.

Managed Wi-Fi for a remote workforce
A company can’t provide high-speed and reliable Wi-Fi for its work from employees. Suppose you let a managed Wi-Fi service look after this. In that case, productivity will automatically increase for all your remote employees, providing sufficient bandwidth for cloud storage, high-quality calls and many such features.

Cost-effective solution
Not all small-scale businesses can afford cutting-edge technology to manage the company’s cyber security and other online activities. Getting help from an outside team with all the required technical tools can save considerable IT spending.

Future of business connectivity
There will be several ways of connectivity in the future. Still, businesses will ensure their internet connectivity is more stable and secure with the help of 5G and managed Wi-Fi systems.

Common misconceptions about managed Wi-Fi
Managed Wi-Fi will represent the loss of control of the internal IT department. To avoid this, you must get a team that splits the workload equally between the internal and managed Wi-Fi teams.

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  1. What is managed Wi-Fi?
    Managed Wi-Fi is a business solution enabling an organisation to outsource the tasks involved in designing, installing, maintaining, monitoring and upgrading the company’s internet requirements to a third-party vendor.
  2. Why does my business need managed Wi-Fi?
    A managed Wi-Fi service includes improved performance, enhanced risk management, superior support for end-users and making the internal IT team take care of other essential connectivity and hardware issues.
  3. How does managed Wi-Fi improve customer experience?
    Managed Wi-Fi can lead to a personalised shopping experience, allowing customers to know the product more before they can purchase and target location-specific promotions.