Unlocking a world of entertainment – Excitel’s OTT revolution

Unlocking a world of entertainment – Excitel’s OTT revolution

Having fiber internet connection at home does not stop at browsing and making high-quality video calls. Did you know you can also use it for streaming movies and serials online? Read here to understand what Excitel offers for an OTT subscription.

Excitel: A pioneer in OTT

Why is Excitel a leading internet service provider (ISP)?

Excitel stays on top of its game for many reasons. That’s because:

  • Affordable plans – Compared to India’s leading broadband providers, Excitel offers more comprehensive and affordable plans. Do you know what the catch is here? You can change your broadband plan according to your needs easily with us. What we offer are 200, 300, and 400 Mbps plans. But, if you need less bandwidth and more speed, more bandwidth and more speed, we can always tailor the plan to meet your needs.
  • The best customer service team – One thing that our customers love about us is how our customer service teams come to aid whenever necessary. Since you can contact our helpline 24/7, there will always be an assistant to help you out.
  • Provides the highest speeds – Excitel broadband powers through any day with our super-fast internet connections. You can get up to 1 Gigabit/s, at home and in business, for quick uploading and downloading of large files, high-quality video and audio calls, buffer-free streaming and more.
  • Why should you choose Excitel’s OTT subscription?

    Exclusive partnerships and alliances

    Excitel has ties with several leading online content streaming platforms like Sony Liv, Hungama Play, Hungama Music, Alt Balaji, Epic On, Shemaroo, Zee5and PlayBox TV. With these channels with you, you can be entertained at home and on the go too.

    Benefits and perks for Excitel OTT subscribers

    • You can easily renew your subscription or cancel it. Regarding cancellation, if you have paid till the end of a month, you can use it until your plan expires. If not, you can pay for the duration you enjoyed the OTT offers.
    • Since you have eight streaming apps, you will always feel entertained, as there will be a constant source of entertainment.
    • You can never see another OTT offer as affordable as ours is.

    What are you waiting for? Choose our broadband and OTT plans today and subscribe for unlimited internet and entertainment for the rest of your life!


    1. What is the OTT plan for Excitel 100mbps?
      Excitel’s OTT plan is not based on your internet connection speed. There’s only one OTT plan, and you can get it for ₹100 per month.
    2. Can I watch series and shows on Wi-Fi?
      You can watch series, shows and movies on Wi-Fi. However, the quality of the streaming will depend on the speed of your broadband connection.
    3. Does Excitel provide TV channels?
      Excitel offers an OTT subscription with eight premium channels. You can stream your favourite shows and films on these platforms whenever you want.