Up your gaming experience with unlimited Wi-Fi for your home in Sonipat

Up your gaming experience with unlimited Wi-Fi for your home in Sonipat

If you are in Sonipat and are worried about having a poor internet connection for playing online games, here’s an excellent chance to upgrade your Wi-Fi plan with Excitel!

How to transform your gaming with Wi-Fi plans for your home in Sonipat?

Upgrade your router

There can be several reasons to upgrade your router. One of the reasons could be because of old firmware, which needs to be updated. When the router’s software is not updated, it won’t give the best signal strength from your internet connection.

Evaluate the strength of your signal

There are several apps to check the signal strength in different rooms at home. Through this, you can identify the right place to position your gaming devices so there is uninterrupted internet.

Reduce the number of devices connected

When playing online games, ensure only the devices used are connected to the internet. Connecting several devices to the internet can lead to slower speeds. When playing online games, disconnect all the other devices that do not need an internet connection.

Check for interference

When the router is placed near devices that emit radio frequency waves, there might be a lag in your signal strength. If your internet’s slow, it might have to do with these waves disturbing the signal. Placing the router away from the sources of interference can help keep the internet connection stable for longer periods.

Stop your downloads

If downloads run in the background where you play online games, it can affect your gaming performance. Close all the downloads for a super-fast internet connection.

Place the router in an optimal place

Sometimes, the best routers with the latest Wi-Fi capabilities will not give you the intended performance if you place them in a lower position at home. The signal strength will be good if it’s placed in an elevated position and in a place where there are no other electronic objects.

Connect in the right channel

Try changing the channel to which your device is connected. Multi-channel connections have their advantages as they allow you to choose the proper wireless channel without interference. Optimal channel choice can reduce the time of loading your game.

Game On! Enhance your gameplay with the best unlimited Wi-Fi plans in Sonipat

For the best gaming experience in your city, invest in a good fiber internet connection that does not have any data restrictions, nor does it make you pay for the extra bandwidth you may need. Explore the tailor-made internet plans for gaming by Excitel in your city today!


  1. What are the benefits of unlimited Wi-Fi plans for home gaming in Sonipat?
    You need not worry about exhausting your bandwidth nor be afraid of losing unnecessary data, for which you must pay later.
  2. How can an unlimited Wi-Fi plan enhance my gaming experience in Sonipat?
    For a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience in Sonipat, you need Excitel’s fiber internet connection.

  3. Can unlimited Wi-Fi plans in Sonipat provide low latency and high-speed internet for online gaming?
    If you choose Excitel in your area in Sonipat, you can enjoy playing games with high-speed internet and low latency.