How the internet changed the way we choose summer camps

How the internet changed the way we choose summer camps

The introduction of the internet has completely changed how we select summer camps. In the past, camp selection relied heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations and brochures. Today, though, the procedure has been streamlined and made exceedingly convenient thanks to the power of the internet at our disposal. Websites and online directories provide comprehensive information about various camps, including their activities, facilities, and testimonials from previous attendees. Parents and campers can now compare multiple options, read reviews, and even view virtual tours, allowing them to make informed decisions from their homes. Thanks to Excitel’s high-speed internet, accessing these resources is seamless, enabling families to find the perfect summer camp experience quickly.

How does the digital revolution influence the internet on summer camp selection?

  1. Access to Information: The digital revolution and the internet’s widespread availability have significantly influenced how we select summer camps. With a simple online search, parents and campers can access vast information about different camps, including their locations, facilities, activities, and pricing. This wealth of knowledge allows for comprehensive research and comparison, enabling families to make well-informed decisions based on their preferences and requirements.
  2. Virtual Tours and Multimedia: The internet has introduced virtual tours and multimedia platforms that provide immersive experiences of summer camps. Through videos, photos, and interactive virtual tours, parents and campers can get a virtual glimpse of the campgrounds, accommodations, activity areas, and amenities. This visual representation enhances the decision-making process, as individuals can assess the camp’s suitability and ambience without physically visiting the location.
  3. Online Reviews and Testimonials: The digital revolution has brought about an abundance of online review platforms and forums where parents and campers can share their experiences and opinions about different summer camps. These reviews provide valuable insights into the quality of the camp, the staff, the safety measures, and the overall satisfaction of previous attendees. By reading these reviews, families can gauge the reputation and credibility of a camp, helping them make an informed choice.
  4. Specialised Camp Directories: Online directories dedicated to summer camps have emerged due to the digital revolution. These directories categorize camps based on various criteria such as location, theme, age group, and duration. They provide detailed information about each camp, making it easier for families to narrow their options based on their specific preferences and requirements. These directories act as centralized platforms, simplifying the camp selection process and saving time and effort for parents.
  5. Social Media and Peer Recommendations: Social media platforms have become instrumental in shaping summer camp choices. Parents and campers can join online communities and groups to seek recommendations, ask questions, and engage with previous camp experiences. This virtual networking allows for recommendations and insights from peers, making the selection process more personalized and trustworthy.
  6. Online Registration and Payment: The digital revolution has simplified summer camp registration and payment. Many camps now offer online registration forms, allowing families to secure their spots conveniently. Additionally, online payment systems make submitting fees and completing the enrollment process manageable. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for physical paperwork and reduces administrative hassles, enhancing the overall efficiency of the camp selection and enrollment process.

Why add Internet activities to your program?

Adding internet activities to your program is essential in today’s digital age. Electronic communication has become the norm, and incorporating internet-based activities allows participants to develop crucial digital literacy skills while staying connected. Access to information is limitless, providing a wealth of educational resources that can enrich learning experiences. Internet entertainment options cater to diverse interests, ensuring engagement and enjoyment. Online platforms open doors to collaborative projects and global connections, fostering creativity and cultural exchange. By incorporating internet activities, Excitel empowers participants with the tools to navigate the digital landscape, expanding their horizons and preparing them for the technology-driven future.


  1. How are summer camps important for a better future?
    Summer camps foster personal growth and development by instilling essential life skills and values and nurturing confidence, resilience, and independence, ultimately contributing to an individual’s better future.
  2. How do I organize my summer camp online?
    To organize your summer camp online, create a structured schedule with various interactive activities, workshops, and virtual field trips. Use online collaboration tools and video conferencing platforms to facilitate engagement and communication with campers.
  3. How does the internet help in summer camps?
    Excitel enables seamless access to online resources, virtual tours, and multimedia platforms, enhancing the camp selection process for families and providing a complete view of camp options. It also facilitates smooth communication, online registration, and payment systems, streamlining the administrative aspects of the summer camp organization.