Internet Run Businesses101: A guide to become your own boss using the internet

Internet Run Businesses101: A guide to become your own boss using the internet

The year 2020 marked the beginning of Internet home-businesses giving people an opportunity to be their own boss. Owing to the nationwide lockdown and unprecedented times, many Indians underwent job losses and salary cuts and have still not yet recovered from the complex market and volatile economy. During these times, the idea of internet entrepreneurs became a hero for people to earn extra income by monetising their hobbies and interests.

The World Wide Web gave a platform to people to create internet shops that floated home shot content and simpler stories. The availability of steady internet, an internet bearing device and a simple idea powered these ventures.

Now what initially started as a side hustle has gradually become a means of main source of income owing to the large-scale audience as well as the ease the internet offers to reach out to a targeted set.

So, if you also feel like you have the aesthetic eye and would love to become your own boss, here are 5 ideas that will bring you closer to your dream.

Donning a Baker’s Hat:
Did you make the perfect banana bread last year, and then that Banana bread was later followed by a batch of scrumptious brownie followed by a tray of Tiramisu?

Since people were locked at home and the opportunities to entertain themselves were at a bare minimum, people indulged in baking and tried out different recipes which led to the growing popularity of home-bakers. The concept of home-bakers became so popular that people started opting for these start-ups over well-established corporates.

If baking is something that interests you, then you can consider monetising this hobby which requires minimum investment and a small home set-up of a stable broadband internet that allows you to engage and popularise your business via the world wide web.

The broadband connection also allows you to try new recipes and allows you to offer an extensive set of flavours and combinations.

Freelance Graphic Designer:
Unique content is the only thing that will help people stand out on social media. With the demand for graphic designers with a unique aesthetic on a rise, people who have a knack for designing and using basics of photoshop and illustrator have a unique opportunity to collaborate with popular brands to replicate their vision.

The field only requires you to invest in software and stable internet connection to connect with prospective clients.

Through the power of a steady internet connection, you can create an exhaustive portfolio on Behance which can be extended to your potential clients. Not just limiting to building a portfolio and reaching out to potential clients, you can also learn different tricks for Corel Draw, ProCreate, Photoshop and try tips by famous graphic designers via YouTube to have a more immersive experience.

Start your e-Boutique:
The concept of tailor made clothing is on the rise again. Since it is difficult for people to go out and look for a boutique owing to the lockdown, what you can instead do is bring an e-boutique closer to them.

To start your internet shop, you don’t have to be a student of fashion designing, nor do you have to have exhaustive experience in the industry. All you need is the ability to design for basic clothing requirements, at the same time have an understanding of different kinds of fabrics and a tailor that can help you out. With the help of a steady broadband connection you can connect with potential clients and understand their requirements.

Freelance content writer
Content is the fuel that drives the world wide web. Starting from websites to e-commerce platforms to social media, perfectly written content is what basically helps businesses stand out.

If you have the ability to weave stories and can string sentences together, then you should try to dabble in this segment.

Create a niche, build a website and share some samples online, your journey to become a content writer is just inches away.

Start Your YouTube Channel:
YouTube is one of the most rewarding platform on the internet. If you are good and creative with your content, and have a knack for creating trending and insightful videos, along with a good broadband connection, you can outshine most of your competitors and create trending content.

All you need to become a YouTuber is a good camera (a phone’s camera would work too), a laptop to edit videos and of course, a good and strong internet connection to upload and promote your videos.