Lights, Camera, Internet: Understanding the right speed for movie streaming

Lights, Camera, Internet: Understanding the right speed for movie streaming

Are you also tired of waiting for your favourite movies and series episodes to stop buffering? Is low internet speed spoiling your streaming experience? Then, it may be time to upgrade your broadband plan to Excitel. It would be best to have the right broadband speed for streaming movies. But before you decide, it would be best to know why you were facing issues with streaming content. There could be multiple reasons. You may have a slow broadband plan, a lower-capacity Wi-Fi router, and various devices connected simultaneously.

Understanding Internet Speed

Recent years have seen a significant shift in how we consume our entertainment sources. Most of us have shifted from watching regular DTH channels on TV to streaming OTT content on our smart devices. Streaming services like Netflix and others claim that they ideally need an internet speed of at least 5Mbps to stream their content. However, this may vary depending on peak timing and the number of devices connected to a single connection. Another factor that decides the speed required is the quality of content. Here’s the ideal broadband speed required to stream your favourite OTT content based on video quality:

  • SD (480p): 3+ Mbps
  • HD (720–1080p): 5–13+ Mbps
  • 4K (UHD, 2160p): 16–25 Mbps

Now, even if that’s the ideal speed you need to stream your favourite content, it could also increase based on the number of devices connected simultaneously. For example, if you have three smartphones, a laptop, and a TV connected to Wi-Fi, you’ll need approximately 30-40 Mbps to stream 4K content on your computer or TV. Similarly, if you have multiple TVs at home and have a secondary DTH connection, you require good quality, high-speed internet to give you the desired results while watching TV.

Factors affecting Internet speed for Movie streaming

While your internet speed is limited to the amount you pay, other factors, such as the devices you use, affect that speed.

  • It takes more work to utilise the bandwidth from your ISP on an old, hard-working router or modem, laptop, or phone.
  • If your laptop has trouble streaming internet videos, strengthen the Wi-Fi signal on your network or switch to a traditional Ethernet connection by turning off Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi signal in that building area may be poor, or other wireless signals may interfere with the device.
  • Connection speed diminishes if other devices share network bandwidth on your network. For instance, if four devices (such as two desktop computers, a laptop, and a gaming console) are connected to an 8 Mbps internet connection simultaneously, each one may only be able to download SD video from Hulu at a rate of roughly 2 Mbps.
  • Stop using the other devices if you need assistance with buffering and movies that won’t fully load, and if strengthening the Wi-Fi signal or connecting over Ethernet doesn’t fix the issue. Your home network may need to handle the extra traffic. If you have trouble streaming videos from your Xbox, avoid downloading files on your laptop and using Facebook on your phone simultaneously.

Broadcasters may create high-quality streams by knowing how internet speed affects live streaming. It’s crucial to remember that various streams require various internet speeds. Are you looking for trustworthy broadband services? Look nowhere else. Broadband from Excitel might be the answer for you.


  1. What is the minimum internet speed required for streaming movies?
    Although 8 Mbps is a respectable speed for ordinary HD streaming, it should be remembered that 4k resolution, which typically refers to ultra-high definition, requires much more bandwidth. A connection speed of at least 25 Mbps is advised for the best video quality.
  2. How can I check my internet speed for movie streaming?
    To test the speed of your live stream, go to Click on the “Go” button. You will see many results, such as your download and upload speed. The upload speed is the number you want to focus on if you are hosting the live stream on your Internet connection.
  3. Why is my internet speed slow for movie streaming?
    Poor video quality and buffering during movie streaming are usually the results of a slow Internet connection or a computer’s or device’s processing speed. Streaming will only run optimally if your Internet speed exceeds the minimum requirement of 1.4 Mbps.