Maximizing Your Productivity with Fiber Internet: Tips and Tricks

Maximizing Your Productivity with Fiber Internet: Tips and Tricks

You can always count on fiber internet as a reliable connection for home and office to carry out essential tasks. But do you know how to maximize the bandwidth to improve your productivity? Read on to understand how Excitel can help you with the finest fiber broadband and improve the high-speed experience.

How can I maximize my fiber-optic internet?

Reposition your router and antennas 
You would prefer to place your router on a shelf or somewhere hidden in a dusty corner. This won’t help when your broadband doesn’t yield a strong signal when you need it the most. During these times, here’s what you can do to get the maximum speed:

  • Ensure your router is in a central position or mounted position, away from electronic devices and metal objects
  • Place it in a manner so that your router is not overheated
  • Ensure that the central position gives the best coverage for your broadband

Update your router’s firmware 
While installing broadband for the first time, your provider might give you a router and modem on the same device. With this, the router’s software will be updated automatically, and you don’t have to do anything. If the software is not updated, you can update it on a browser through the administration panel to keep it safe from hackers.

Reset your router
Stimulating your router to ISP by resetting it every week or every day is one of the infamous tricks to beef up your broadband signal if it’s weak. For best results, reset all your devices once after you reset the router and the modem. This should work when your modem is struggling to give better signal strength.

Use an ethernet cable 
If you use broadband for essential tasks at home or the office, use an ethernet cable since it’s faster than over-the-air transmission. The signal would be unusually quicker if you connect the ethernet to your computer or laptop. You can also connect the ethernet cable to a TV, PlayStation, Xbox or any other gaming console.

 Block ads 
Installing an ad-block plugin while browsing is wise, as it might also drain your bandwidth and lower the speed. You can also try VPNs like Nord, Surfshark and CyberGhost.

Change your Wi-Fi password and frequency
If your Wi-Fi is at 5 GHz and you want it to extend to the next room but are okay with slower speeds, you may switch it to 2.5 GHz and vice versa, according to your requirements.

Use a Wi-Fi password 
Many guest users might be accessing your broadband if you didn’t secure it with a password. To not let others, exploit your internet connectivity, use complicated passwords.

Upgrade your router
Modern routers for Wi-Fi have new features that support higher speeds. If your router is a few years old, it’s time you get a new one for your home. The advanced routers have features that support multiple users simultaneously without affecting the bandwidth.

Use a Wi-Fi extender
Even if your router is vital to offer high-speed internet, you should always have a Wi-Fi extender installed. You can access broadband from any room in your room without any interruptions, no matter what time of the day.

How can Excitel help you?

You don’t have to worry about fiber connection if Excitel is your provider. You will get unlimited internet throughout the day, even during peak hours. If you are facing any troubles, our customer care members are just a call away. You can contact them on the toll-free number listed on the website.


How do I maximize my internet bandwidth?
Reset your router and other electronic devices or buy a new one if it’s old. Secure your broadband with a password and move your router to a central position at home. Update the router firmware, and these are a few quick tips to maximize broadband bandwidth.

Does rain affect fiber internet?
Fiber internet is unaffected by weather conditions, as only light beams carry the data, not electric signals. Hence, rain does not affect fiber connections.

Is fiber faster than Wi-Fi?
Yes, fiber internet is faster than all the other traditional broadband connections like DSL or cable since light signals power fiber internet.