Should you choose your internet service provider only on speed?

Should you choose your internet service provider only on speed?

What if one of the main cords of your Wi-Fi connection is cut? You need someone from the ISP office to guide you in resolving the issue. In this case, speed can’t be the only factor in choosing a broadband connection for your home! Read on to learn how to select your area’s best internet service provider.

What other factors should I consider besides speed when choosing an internet service provider?

Equipment quality and flexibility

Ensure that the equipment given by the ISP is of good quality so that you can use those for a long time. It can be frustrating to keep changing the faulty ones due to poor quality. Also, the installation needs to be customised according to your needs. The length of the cord or wires and placing the router/modem must be where you want it.

Proper contract terms

Many service providers make their customers sign at least a one-year contract, which may need to be more flexible. If you are a local business or live for rent and need to shift often, ensure you have flexible paperwork to switch to another operator or stay with the existing one in another area.

Bandwidth reliability

Your net’s bandwidth describes the quantity of data transmitted across a network. It would help if you also chose the ISP based on reliability, performance, speed, and consistency. You can enquire about friends and neighbours in your area before deciding on the best internet operator.

Availability of customer support

The ISP you want for your business or home must provide 24/7 customer support

. You may always need to find out when there will be a power outage or other connectivity issues. Ensure your ISP has a reliable team to help you when you encounter glitches. A quick response from them will not affect your home or business.

Check the provider’s availability

It would help if you always looked for the internet providers available in your area since you can get input from others who already use a particular broadband provider. After you get a list, you can choose the best price, special OTT offers and more!

This is why choosing Excitel will be the best decision since Excitel is more about high-speed internet and having moderate prices. To know what we value most, visit your nearest branch!


  1. Is speed the only factor to consider when selecting an internet service provider?
    Along with speed, you should also choose the provider based on their prices, special bandwidth offers, and customer support.
  2. How does reliability factor into the decision-making process for selecting an internet service provider?
    There can be frequent power cuts during the monsoon period, which can be irritating. It would be best to choose an ISP with a system that works fine, even during these times.
  3. Are there any drawbacks to solely focusing on speed when selecting an internet service provider?
    You may need a good customer team to help you resolve the glitches. Hence, speed is one of many factors to consider when choosing the best broadband provider for your home.