Tips and Tricks for Optimal Internet Connectivity

Tips and Tricks for Optimal Internet Connectivity

Having broadband with the highest upload and download speeds is never enough. At times, your Wi-Fi signal can be too weak to use. In those times, you can enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi with these tips at home.

How to improve your internet connection and boost your Wi-Fi signal?

  • Run an internet speed test
    Though your internet service provider promises an average speed, you may have to run a speed test to know where your signal lacks. When you do it during different times of the day, you know when you get the highest speed to be productive.
  • Reboot your router
    What do you do with your smartphone when it gets slow? You delete the cache to boost its performance, right? Likewise, your router has storage and cache information. If you feel it’s slow, reboot to improve it.
  • Increase your Wi-Fi range
    If your primary problem is the distance between the router and your device, there are many tricks, like buying advanced antennas for your router, to increase the range. Apart from this, you can find many ways to stabilize the connection. Follow any of those; you won’t have to worry about your router or modem being productive.
  • Keep tabs on the task manager
    Many applications constantly draw data for updates or download purposes, and some apps may steal your bandwidth, decreasing overall speed. So, when you multitask, ensure you don’t have any unnecessary apps running in the background that eat up the average speeds.
  • Buy a Wi-Fi ranger or extender
    Even after placing your router in a central position at home, it may need to speed up the wireless speed. In those cases, you may have to rely on a Wi-Fi extender. It’s nothing but a small device which runs on electricity that increases the range of your wireless at home or the workplace. Sometimes, your Wi-Fi may be in the hall, and you might get enough signal in your bedroom. In such a case, an extender comes in handy.
  • Use only one firewall at a time
    A firewall safeguards your internet connection, watching incoming and outgoing data. It prevents security breaches to only an extent, but it’s still powerful. Even when this is eventful, the firewall may tamper with the Wi-Fi speed. Also, if there are VPNs, your signal might be affected. Hence, it is recommended that you use only one firewall, and update or upgrade to another, only when you find issues with the current firewall.
  • Turn off unused or extra devices
    Several apps may get updated without your notice when multiple devices are connected simultaneously, even when you don’t use those. If you want your Wi-Fi connection to be stable, turn off Wi-Fi in the devices which remain idle.
  • Change your Wi-Fi router’s channel
    Your router will use many Wi-Fi channels for a stable internet connection. You will find a default channel, which you can change according to usage.
  • Check for unwanted guests
    If you have unsecured Wi-Fi, set up a password and remove people exploiting your Wi-Fi. This way, only you can enjoy unlimited internet at your home.
  • Use a wired connection
    If your devices are near the router, you can often use an ethernet connection, as the signal strength will be high, and you can save the bandwidth too, which you can use for other devices.

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How do I optimize my internet connection?
Choose the right spot for your router; you can place it somewhere on the top and in a central position to get high speeds anywhere in your home. It also depends on your broadband operator. So, talk to your operator if you have done everything.
How can I make my internet connection faster and more stable?
By following the steps above, we ensure you will have a stable internet connection at home, no matter when.
What are the requirements of an internet connection?
For a stable internet connection, you only need a router, modem and the devices you need to configure after setting up your Wi-Fi.